All wheel drive is an important feature for a lot of drivers in the Philadelphia area especially when winter rolls around. If you’re in the market for a used car, you may be looking for one that has all wheel drive. We’ve compiled a list that details used cars that come with all wheel drive as a standard. This will make your shopping experience easier. You won’t have to wonder if the model you are looking at is equipped with all wheel drive or not, because with these cars this option is always included! So take a look at our list of used cars with standard all wheel drive, and good luck shopping for your next used car.

Dodge Charger 

The Charger offers buyers a ton of options. Every year there are multiple trim options on this model so the used Dodge Chargers you look at could be very different from one another. However, the Dodge Charger does come packed with standard all wheel drive across all trim options so you know that no matter what you are looking at it will have all wheel drive. This sedan is a great choice for consumers who want performance and sleek, sporty design to be combined with all wheel drive. In a list of great used cars with all wheel drive the Dodge Charger probably wouldn’t be the first car you thought of, but it is first on our list because it is different! 


Subaru is one of the few car companies to offer all wheel drive as a standard across the board on all of their models. They offer a bunch of great cars, and these vehicles tend to be very durable and safe. So we’re going to breakdown a few different models Subaru offers in one place, in order to ensure that our blog is more than just a list of Subarus. 

  • Subaru Crosstrek – The Crosstrek is a more rugged Subaru. This model is an appealing mix between wagon and SUV and is made to take on any road or trail condition. The vehicle has flexible storage and seating space so you’ll always have room no matter what is on the day’s agenda. 

  • Subaru Legacy – This is Subaru’s sedan model, but it still performs like a Subaru. This mid-size sedan is great for people who want the size of a sedan, but the performance of an SUV. Subaru is very keen on passenger safety so the Legacy, like all Subaru models, makes a great family car. 

  • Subaru Impreza – The Impreza is Subaru’s hatchback model for people looking for a little more storage room in the back. This is a great car for people who need more space for their gear or their groceries, but still want the standard all wheel drive and safety features that makes Subaru stand out. 

  • Subaru Outback – This is probably the most popular model Subaru offers. It is a beautiful blend of all the things that make the previous three models great in their own way. The Outback offers a ton of space for gear and family, and it remains rugged at its core able to handle any road condition you might throw at it.

  • Subaru Forester – The Forester is the prototypical small SUV. In fact, partially due to the Forester’s popularity with consumers the small SUV segment really got hot in recent years. For consumers looking for a used car that really economizes space and performs with the best of them, the Forester is an outstanding choice.

Honda Ridgeline 

Honda’s sleek, sporty pickup truck model comes with all wheel drive to ensure that you can handle the conditions of any job site or road. Like its Honda brethren the Ridgeline gets great gas mileage compared to other trucks in its class. You won’t find a more efficient pickup truck on the market, and with standard all wheel drive, you probably won’t find one that performs half as well either. 

Jeep Compass 

The Compass brings all of the off-road glory that other Jeep models offer drivers, but the compass also packages all of that performance in a tight SUV styled body that looks great on city roads or off-road trails. Performance and style are married quite nicely in the Jeep Compass. Drivers looking for a stylish car that does not compromise couldn’t do much better than the Jeep Compass. 

Volkswagen Golf Alltrack 

The VW Golf Alltrack is basically a higher riding version of the Volkswagen Golf Sportwagen which makes it look similar to cars like the Subaru Outback. It’s not a wagon or SUV, but a smooth blend of both styles. It comes standard with all wheel drive and does great on the efficiency ratings too boasting a combined rating of 24 mpg. 

Mazda CX-3 Sport 

Mazda’s crossover is one of the most fun cars to drive you will find on this list or any other. Mazda makes cars that are fun to drive and perform at a high-level and the CX-3 Sport is no different except that it comes with all wheel drive. If you want that race car feel, but still want all wheel drive the Mazda CX-3 Sport is the option for you. It is reasonably priced as a used car and there are a ton of additional options that you may find in your model too!

We hope you have found this list informative during your journey to buy a used car. If you are having trouble locating a used car with all wheel drive, keep looking, and remember that you shouldn’t compromise on the options that you want. When you’re ready to browse come visit us at G & E Motors. We don’t reject anyone for credit, and we offer buy here pay here financing to everyone!