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The hot summer months can put your car under extreme stress. You can help yourself and your car by being prepared for the heat and what it can do to your car. Proper maintenance and upkeep go a long way in combating the effects of weather conditions, especially the long hot days of summer. Take a look at our summer car care tips below, and keep your car running smoothly all summer long. 

Check Your Battery 

We often associate the coldest months of the year as troublesome times for our car battery, but the hot summer months and extreme heat can have more of an impact on your battery than the cold. Excessive heat and vibration are a battery’s worst enemies. These factors cause internal breakdown and eventual battery failure. You won’t be able to stop the weather from being hot during the summer, but you can make sure your battery is securely mounted and [...]

All wheel drive is an important feature for a lot of drivers in the Philadelphia area especially when winter rolls around. If you’re in the market for a used car, you may be looking for one that has all wheel drive. We’ve compiled a list that details used cars that come with all wheel drive as a standard. This will make your shopping experience easier. You won’t have to wonder if the model you are looking at is equipped with all wheel drive or not, because with these cars this option is always included! So take a look at our list of used cars with standard all wheel drive, and good luck shopping for your next used car.

Dodge Charger 

The Charger offers buyers a ton of options. Every year there are multiple trim options on this model so the used Dodge Chargers you look at could be very different from one another. However, the [...]

Consumers shopping for used cars look for a lot of different things. Gas mileage is one of the more important facets of a used car that shoppers like to look at. This blog is going to explore the used cars currently available to determine which ones have the best gas mileage. We hope this helps inform you on your journey to buying a used car. This list is not exhaustive, it is just full of cars that are popular and get great gas mileage. Save at the pump and on the price tag by buying a used car that gets great gas mileage! 

Honda Civic Hybrid 

First things first, the hybrid version of the Honda Civic boasts an outstanding 40 mpg in the city and 45 mpg on the highway. The Honda Civic Hybrid definitely is efficient. As far as used cars go, it is also very affordable even though the hybrid model will cost [...]

Consumers looking for a great selection and a great price will be very interested in buying a used car. Used cars are great because there are so many different options available, and there are a lot of different dealerships that sell used cars. A lot of these dealerships use the same wording in the advertisements, and it can be hard for the average shopper to determine which dealership is going to be the best for them in terms of service, selection, and other offerings. In a field of so many dealerships how can you determine which one is the best used car dealership? We’re going to share some helpful things to look and ask for in order to help you find the best used car dealership.

Used Car Transparency

The most important aspect of used car buying is consumer confidence. That is why there are detailed history reports available from companies like CarFax. [...]

How to Get the Best Car Loan No Matter How Bad Your Credit Is

Having a bad credit score can make getting a good loan on your next car purchase difficult. Even if your credit happens to be less than ideal you can still get a competitive loan on your next car. Let’s take a look at some steps you can take in order to be sure that you are getting the best possible car loan no matter how good or bad your credit score is.

Know Your Credit Score

The very first step in getting a great car loan is to know and understand your credit score. There are a ton of free online options that will not only show you your credit score, but help you understand why it is as high or as low as it is. Once you gain an understanding of your credit score, try to improve it if [...]

Top Tips for Buying a Used Car

Buying a used car is very exciting. Not only are used cars a little more cost friendly than new cars, but there are also a lot more options! However, buying a used car is not as straightforward as buying a new car. For one, every single used car has had its own history, and that history can have a large bearing on how reliable that car will be going forward. So while the process of buying a used car is an exciting one, it is important to really check out any used car before you purchase. Let’s explore some tips for used car buyers to keep in mind!

Know Your History

Before buying any used car, you need to see a complete and accurate history for the car, including any accidents, major  repairs, or damage that may have occurred. If you can’t get a detailed history, you should [...]

7 Tips for Buying Your First Car

Now that you’re ready to buy your first car, there are probably a lot of questions that you don’t have the answers to. That’s why we put together these seven tips to help you with this big step in your life.

Features: Must Have vs. Like to Have

The first decision is to decide what you definitely want in your new car, such as body style (sedan, coupe, SUV), size, economical to operate (gas mileage), safety features, etc. Once that is decided, are there optional features that you might like to have? What about a new car or a late-model pre-owned one? The main advantages to a new model are the fact that it is new – you’re not buying someone else’s preferences or problems – and it comes with a  bumper-to-bumper multi-year/mileage warranty. The down sides, however, are the significantly higher price and that new vehicles depreciate [...]

10 Best Used Cars for First Time Buyers
If you are in the market for your first vehicle, used cars can be a great option. If you shop wisely and find the right used car dealership, you can locate a car for a great price with low miles and a warranty. Buying a used car can be an overwhelming experience, especially because there are so many cars to choose from. The following list of vehicles, compiled from industry expert research and analysis, was put together to help you in your used car search.

2010 Kia Soul
This Kia Soul has a unique styling, but it still maintains the qualities hatchback buyers desire. The cabin is deceivingly roomy, and it has plenty of cargo space. The Soul is an excellent alternative to a small SUV [...]

10 Tips for Getting a Car Loan with Bad Credit

According to FICO, the average credit score in the US is 700. Anything over 740 is considered a very good score, while a rating below 669 means you may struggle to secure credit from lenders. A bad rating can cause major problems when trying to get an auto loan for a car through a bank. Even if you’re looking for a used vehicle at a low rate, you may be viewed as too much of a risk. There are solutions, though: take a look below to discover our top 10 tips for getting a car loan with bad credit.

1. Familiarize Yourself With Your Credit Report
First things first: know your credit score. Take a look at your credit report and make sure everything’s correct. You are entitled to one free credit report per year from each of the three major credit reporting agencies: [...]

How to Get an Auto Loan After Bankruptcy 

No one wants to declare bankruptcy, but sometimes it’s really the only way out. It does help you deal with large amounts of debt and get your life back on track, but it’s not without its downsides. A bankruptcy will stay on your credit report for seven years or more, depending on what type of bankruptcy you filed for. That will greatly affect your ability to get new loans and lines of credit, including an auto loan.  

But if you need a new car and have declared bankruptcy recently, the good news is that it’s not impossible to still get an auto loan. It’s likely going to be more difficult, but with some planning and understanding of how credit works, you can get the car you need. Here are several things you can do to show lenders that you’re recovering financially and can handle the monthly payments. 

Pull Your Credit Report 

The first thing to do is to look at your credit [...]

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