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Credit Mistakes 6 Common Mistakes That Cause Bad Credit

When the time comes that you need to buy a new car, bad credit can hold you back. At least, it can if you try to secure financing through many banks and auto dealerships; these businesses will view a poor credit rating as a warning sign and judge you to be an unacceptable borrower. Being viewed by most lenders as a high-risk customer is enough to make getting the auto loan, and therefore the vehicle itself that you need, a very frustrating challenge.

At G&E Motors, though, we’re proud to be different from other lenders; we offer guaranteed instant approval to every customer, even to those that have bad credit scores. Ideally, you want to avoid getting a poor score in the first place, but how? Here are [...]

Ten Easy Rules for Buying a Used Car

Buying a car can be an incredibly expensive time of your life. Most people end up paying for their car over several years if they buy new, which is why it’s important to plan carefully before you put your money down. However, many people avoid paying for a new car because they understand how expensive it can be. In fact, when you buy a new car, it quickly drops in value by up to 30% and if you plan to trade it in or resell it, it’s going to be worth a lot less than what you paid.

This is why many people go for the economical route of buying a pre-owned car. However, there are many considerations that need to be kept in mind [...]




You’ve decided to buy a new car or truck, but unfortunately you can’t afford to pay for one outright. Even an inexpensive used car is something that will stretch your bank account too far. What should you do? The best option, of course, is to be able to finance your car purchase, essentially, taking out a car loan that you can pay off over time.

At this point, however, you may be worried about whether you can be approved for a car loan. If you know you don’t have a good credit score, you might think that will prevent you from financing your new vehicle purchase. However, as you’re about to discover, a poor credit rating isn’t automatically the roadblock that you might think it is. So, let’s look at how you [...]

How to Get the Best Deal On a Used Ford F-150

When it comes to quality American made trucks, there are few better manufacturers to look at than Ford, and few better models than the F-Series. The F-150 alone has won several awards throughout the year, including several truck-of-the-year awards, top safety picks, automotive excellence awards, and much more. It’s a very tempting package for anyone looking to get a used truck, but it’s worth doing your homework and making sure you’re getting the caliber of truck deserving of the name, and paying the right price for it. Here’s are some of the things we at G&E Motors think you should look at:

Know Your Year

The F-Series is a storied family of pickup trucks that have gone through a lot of evolutions over the years. And there are plenty of variations in between the different years, too. The 2007 model, for instance, has two [...]

Has the time come to invest in a new truck? The market’s home to multiple high-profile brands, but you know you can always rely on Ford. This leading manufacturer has remained so popular for so long with good reason, but actually choosing a single truck from their extensive model lineup to suit your personal and professional demands can be quite a challenge.

Aside from the different models (offering diverse engines, towing capacity, and features), Ford’s line of trucks presents you with another challenging option: RegularCab, SuperCab, or Super CrewCab. To help you pick the right one, let’s take a look at the differences between Ford’s three cabs.

Seating Capacity
Seating is a key consideration with any pickup truck. The Ford Regular Cab accommodates up to three people, though two may be the more comfortable option. [...]

Ford-150s are one of the biggest names in full-size light-medium duty pickup trucks in America. They have broken records and made waves by being America’s best-selling pickup truck for 40 years in a row. This means that Ford Motor Company has sold enough F-series trucks to circle the earth more than three times since it came out in 1977! That’s an incredible amount of trucks, and it’s clear they are insanely popular. But just why do people love these trucks so much? What have they been doing for the last 40 years that others haven’t? Let’s find out! 

Customization Options and Model Availability – There are many options for customization when it comes to purchasing an F-150, not to mention the numerous models that are available. You can choose from three bed lengths, three cabins, and five trim models, [...]

The Ford Motor Company is one of the world’s most iconic brands, famous and influential enough to transcend the automobile industry and become a household name. The Company was established by the late Henry Ford back in June 1903, and, unsurprisingly, has expanded in many varied directions in that time; establishing its own luxurious Lincoln brand and running other well-known companies, such as Troller Vehicles of Brazil, Melbourne-based FPV Company, and others.

On top of this, the company has a substantial stake in the iconic Aston Martin brand based in the UK, owning 8% of the brand, and also holds claim to 49% of the Chinese Jiangling Motors Corporation. There are numerous joint-projects in the Ford stable, including Changan Ford (based in China), AutoAlliance Thailand (based in Thailand, of course), Ford Lio Ho (operating out of Taiwan), as well as Ford Sollers (established in Russia).

After General Motors, Ford is the second-biggest manufacturer of vehicles [...]

Many Ford pickup truck buyers are fine with the F-150 series, but for some, they need a truck with more muscle, more power, more payload capacity – the F-250 Super Duty. With a huge variety of body styles, power-train options, and trim levels, finding one that meets almost any need is pretty much assured.

The first generation of Super Duty pickups, which were introduced in 1999 and ran through 2007, were larger, heavier, industrial trucks with heavy duty frames, axles, springs, brakes, transmissions, and more powerful engines than the older F-250’s. They no longer shared the F-150 platform or components. Instead of the aero look, the new design was boldly angular with lower fenders and a raised hood. Industry firsts included the massive ring-style front tow hooks. The side windows were placed lower and forward in the door, very much like commercial medium duty trucks, and the grill was shaped more [...]

Used Ford F250 for Sale | F250 for Sale | Ford F250 Super Duty for Sale

At G&E Motors we pride ourselves on our ability to get some of the best Used Ford Trucks in the Country. At G&E Motors that means offering our customers quality Used Ford Trucks at great deals. Everyone has Ford Trucks, few dealerships are able to offer the quality of Ford Trucks we do at the prices we do. Check out our Ford Truck Inventory! 


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