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Despite readily available information on car values, one of the biggest mistakes people make is not knowing what their current vehicle is worth before shopping to replace it with a new one. A Google search for “used car prices” will get you at least a dozen sites that can give you an estimate of what your car is worth, some of the most popular being Kelly Blue Book, Edmunds, Auto Trader, True Car, Car Gurus, and

To make sure you get an estimate that based on your personal situation, there are two very important factors that you need to provide: who are you selling to and what is the condition of your vehicle, including mileage and installed features. While selling your used car privately will likely get you more money than selling to a dealer, many people don’t have the time or desire to meet with potential [...]

If you are looking to buy a new car or truck but don’t want to spend new car prices, the best option is to get a used one.

In addition to spending less money for the car itself, there are a number of other financial benefits to consider; lower dealer fees, less sales tax, registration fees may also be lower, and insurance is often considerably less. Even though you may have heard negative stories about used car purchases, there are things you can do to prevent something like that happening to you.

Why You Are Buying the Vehicle

What is the intended use of the car? Work or pleasure, individual or family use, and additional family member’s use are just a few things to consider. There are even many variables to [...]


January of 1948 was the beginning of the first generation of a completely redesigned line of Ford Motor Company trucks – the   F-Series. Known as its “Bonus Built Line,” There were 8 different truck types, rated by weight, which included panel trucks, conventional trucks, cab-over-engine, school buses, and the pickup trucks; the half-ton F-1, three-quarter ton F-2 and the heavy-duty F-3. Some of the modern improvements over previous pickup trucks included integrated headlights, one-piece windshield, and a bigger cab. They were available with a 226 cubic-inch inline six (95 horsepower) or a 100 horsepower, 239 cubic-inch V-8.

1953 ushered in the second generation F-Series, to celebrate the Ford Motor Company’s Golden Anniversary. Dubbed [...]

Best Used Pickup Trucks Under $15,000

While many pickup truck owners are loyal to specific brands, there are many others who are more interested in making sure the combination of reliability, features, and price meet their needs. While a good starting point is to do an evaluation of your specific requirements and preferences, how much you can afford to spend is a major factor on how well you can find an ideal match. And often it becomes a matter of compromise.

For most truck shoppers today, the next step is usually doing internet searches, which can be very tedious and time consuming. So, we at G&E Motors have done some of that research for you, gathering info from a number of industry sources on some of the better performing used pickups for less than $15,000.



Ford has been the number one seller of pickup trucks since the end of World War II. [...]


If you are looking for used cars in Langhorne, PA, chances are you are steadily becoming more and more overwhelmed with choices. As you continue your quest for the optimal used car, your mind will flood with questions. What car is best? Is there a reason the owner got rid of it? Could I live without an auxiliary jack for my music? You will be bombarded questions, culminating in a feeling that you are never going to find the right car.

It is okay to feel overwhelmed. Buying a car is a big deal, but it doesn’t have to be strenuous. We are here to help drivers find the perfect car that is affordable, and more importantly, reliable. Below, we have compiled a brief list of dependable cars for drivers on a budget.

Honda Fit

This reasonably priced hatchback offers excellent fuel economy and a straightforward approach to driving. The Honda Fit has been attractive [...]

Every situation is different, but the first question most people have after deciding to buy a car is whether to go new or used. There are great reasons for both, but the name of the game is usually getting the most out of your purchase, and weighing the cost/benefit analysis of future depreciation. While maintaining a used car may require more time and money (especially if purchased from a disreputable dealer), new cars come with a steep overhead and, if you can’t pay up-front, considerable interest. So which is the best for you? Every situation varies, but use these three questions to help you decide what might be the better option.

Can you truly afford the depreciation factor?
New cars are notorious for the rate at which they depreciate – by some estimates, up to 25-30% the second they roll off the lot as your own. By the end of 3 years since you [...]

If you have young children, chances are they were the first thing on your mind when deciding which quality pre-owned vehicle from G&E Motors was the right choice for your family. Safety, size and additional features that cater specifically to kids are all factors that parents carefully weigh and consider when choosing a new car that fits their budget. Once your car has been purchased, there’s plenty of other steps you can take to ensure the security of your little ones to the best of your ability. We’ve come up with just a few easy tips to help you childproof your new car – for both safety and sanity.

Institute a seatbelts-all-the-time rule.

If wearing seatbelts isn’t made a habit from an early age, older children may simply forget to wear theirs while in your car or a friend’s parents’, if the family doesn’t have the strict rules on the subject. Start your children off [...]

A lot of factors go into deciding on what car is right for you. All too often, car shoppers get an idea in their head of what their first or next car will look like, and let that image overpower other, more practical considerations. We know – everyone wants that red convertible or sleek black sedan they’ve dreamed of since they were young. But trust us, you’ll be happier in the long run if you consider the following pragmatic tips when it comes to making your car purchase. And who knows – maybe one day that red convertible will fit the bill!

  • How much can you afford? This one might seem obvious, but there are a few aspects to car ownership that prospective buyers forget to consider when heading to the dealership. The price of the car itself, plus insurance and maybe gas, are usually all owners consider when factoring in the total price [...]

Whether you’re looking to sell a vehicle, trade one in, or simply would like to enjoy the look and feel of a newly-detailed car yourself, the following tips, presented to you by the car experts at G&E Motors, will have you and others convinced that your car is brand new! In general, prevention is the best medicine; when it comes to your car’s surface, whether interior or exterior, taking proper care of the shell and upholstery well before there are any issues such as odor, staining, scrapes, etc. will greatly aid in the process of battling these problems later. With this in mind, the following DIY-tips should be performed as often as possible, ideally every month, to help keep your car in tip-top shape and keep its value high throughout its life.

  • Scrub your carpets and seats with stiff brushes and compressed air. Dirt can easily become deeply embedded in vehicle carpeting, making it [...]
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